Best Birkenstock Alternatives (Cheaper, Boston)

Comfort is the first thing everyone deserves no matter where it is so the Best Birkenstock Alternatives may be the right choice for you. Here is how you can select the right one for yourself by looking at several factors. Firstly the design is what attracts the user most of the time and it can involve toe box, or various patterns on them.

Their structure will have you looking in awe because the sole becomes 100% synthetic and imported quality rubber as you see in WTW Women’s slide flat cork sandals. Having adjustable straps will maintain the grip of your feet if they are slim in shape. The underneath layer can be patterned with anti-slip qualities in order to avoid tripping.

Nothing can be better than the cushioned heel area that will absorb all the weight without making you feel tired. Using genuine cow leather suede that does not stink and leave a smell that becomes unbearable after some time. Even the latex footbed enables a normal walking experience.

Furthermore, looking  at features that gives you utmost comfort as the padding becomes softer than ever. Choose from the right type of size through the size charts given with each brand so you have accurate fit. Being lightweight and foldable selection takes away the worries of short term usage or uncomfortable and painful walking.

List of Best Birkenstock Alternatives

Let’s shop for the best similar brands like Birkenstock to shop for your shoes, these are cheaper brands like, moosefield sandals.

  1. Women’s Slide Flat Cork Sandals
  2. FUNKYMONKEY Women’s Comfort Slides Sandals
  3. Women’s Cushionaire Luna Cork footbed Sandal
  4. TIHOO Women’s T-Strap Thong Sandals
  5. Freedom Moses Two Band Slide
  6. TF STAR Adjustable Sandals

1- Women’s Slide Flat Cork Sandals

One of the actions that we do and it remains constant is walking so why not choose a brand that has footwear comfortability as their priority. We all have heard famous names in women’s sandals but not all of us can afford world class brands. Women’s slite flat cork sandals is the product suggesting cheaper alternatives to birkenstocks.

Made from 100% synthetic material, imported quality of these sandals will not disappoint you from your purchase. Its rubber sole has the platform measuring 0.71 inches and is made from the cow suede leather. With cork and latex mixture in the footbed, this design gives a stable and natural walking experience.

There is a full soft pad under the leather on the heel pad to ensure utmost comfort. Double adjustable buckle keeps the fit secure and the feet not moving out of place. Even the toe room has enough space to keep the foot alignment correct. A slightly raised toe bar gives natural gripping motion of your feet and legs.

Your movement and circulation is stimulated whereas the weight of your body is evenly distributed to support proper posture during long walks. Not to forget about the deep heel cup cradles it through natural cushioning just right under the calcaneus or heel bone. Under the sandal is the anti skid pattern to avoid slipping on water and increasing abrasion resistance.

Modern double strap platform makes it quick to wear with moist absorbent making it breathable in hot weathers. The rubber sole brings more grip and durability for a longer time of use.

2- FUNKYMONKEY Women’s Comfort Slides Sandals

FUNKYMONKEY Women's Comfort Slides Sandals

In case you are looking for shoes similar to birkenstock footbeds, this can be a great alternative solution for your feet. Funkymonkey has the ability to bring you the women’s comfort slides in ethylene vinyl acetate sole. After the size selection through the description provided by the brand, you can choose which one suits you best.

This dual strap style becomes unique and features an adjustable strap in a wide structure to make the fit custom. With such design, this footwear will give you perfect summer vibes with comfortable wearing experience. Having a padded footbed molds the shape of your feet when pressed with your whole weight.

You get to run, walk, or power walk with ease and be comfortable all day long without any pain. Being ultra lightweight and available in different colors so you have better options to choose. These sandals are smooth and flexible with EVA foam upper and waterproof design enabling you to walk freely in slippery areas.

Even the washable feature makes it easy to be washed whenever it gets dirty and becomes fresh and like new again. This pair is suitable with all outfits and for leisure venues, beach or other working capability. People who are worried about their feet always hurting can depend on this product for all occasions.

3- Women’s Cushionaire Luna Cork footbed Sandal

Women's Cushionaire Luna Cork footbed Sandal

Birkenstock sandals are also one of the famous footwear makers around the world but due to some expensive brand name, people look for alternatives just like it. Women’s cushionaire luna cork footbed is made to last longer than other sandals. Made from Ethylene Vinyl acetate, the sole becomes a game changer for casual walkers.

Having all sorts of colors and the basic design, this brand copies the style of the famous Birkenstocks. With 100% genuine suede insoles, you get to see the contour of foot in perfect synchronization. You can actually feel your feet in perfect contour right after you wear them.

The premium vegan upper is the reason many users are drooling over it since the beginning due to harmless material being used in it. The soft adjustable lining and straps makes your usage easier and pain free. Thanks to the premium traction design with EVA outsole which will be long lasting than the cheaper version.

Moreover, the flexible cork footbed enables being quick on feet no matter where you go because the user is very comfortable. Approximately 1.25 inches of platform keeps your heel up to the notch and with a stable base. The long lasting EVA outsole whereas under the shoe is rugged. Anti grip sole also lets you walk in the most slippery surfaces without tripping.

4- TIHOO Women’s T-Strap Thong Sandals

TIHOO Women's T-Strap Thong Sandals

People are discussion moosefield sandals vs birkenstock as which one will take over the market first. But what if you can get an even more affordable option that is no less than the world’s famous ones? You get to choose various colors too for matching with your outfit of the day.

Only a slight difference in appearance from the original ones, these women’s T-Strap thong sandals are a sight to see. Having an upper has a shiny and glossy patent leather makes it unique from other colors and looks. Whereas the size chart will help you with the right size of shoe.

Having a great fit with adjustable buckle vamp straps enable you to get the right grip so that the foot does not slip in any way. Having a lightweight design is also another perk of this product as they are designed for summer and hot weather. Breathable and comfy structure is why you can wear them at any day or time.

You also notice the non-slip edge which is rugged and gives you a secure walk with confidence. When you can walk without tripping even on greasiest places, it is proven that your sandals can work for a long time with safety. Its thermoplastic rubber sole is where you get all the leverage from as compared to other budget brands.

5- Freedom Moses Two Band Slide

Freedom Moses Two Band Slide

Keep the accurate foot work as it is the most important element for various players and mundane people as well. Your walk is what defines you visually at first so if you have to choose chaco or birkenstock, the latter has more worth and demand in the market. Freedom Moses gives many people around the world the choice to select the footwear they want.

Coming with imported quality in its construction, you can choose from the many designs that will have your wardrobe filled with all. This dual color design and rubber sole becomes easier for people with a funky style to choose this. A synthetic upper material has the strength to keep everything on the ground without slipping.

The easy slip on styling has you wearing it in a second so that there is no waiting. Its signature logo accents on the sides also gives you the brand realness and not a locally manufactured item. On the other hand, those breathable lining are synthetically proven to be able to wear it in the hottest weathers.

You do not want to keep your feet sweating and losing their firmness when you walk. So these sandals will help you maintain your integrity and walk with confidence. Even the stomping is able to figure out the correct outsole that is no slip synthetic as well.

After choosing your right size through the measurement chart, the right fit will fit right.Lightweight products like these make your movement easier as well as your stance more sturdy.

6- TF STAR Adjustable Sandals

TF STAR Adjustable Sandals

Women are more attracted towards fashion and their sense is tackling and spot on so many brands are trying to get better footwear. TF Star is one of them which have produced adjustable sandals in Mayari flat leather. Making these casual slip ons have a unique design to much to your awe.

A suede sole like this one is genuine cow leather giving the product a refined and furbished look. This type of leather is not stinky, rather soft and easy to wear even with people who have discomfort wearing other types of shoes. The heels on these ones are padded and great for walking.

Cover long distances or wear these on beaches whereas the look will not be painful as long as you want them to wear. The sole under the shoe has a patterned design which does not let the stand stuck on it on the beach. You can easily shake off the dirt to keep it clean and tidy as it is new.

Notice the reviews of the customers before buying so you have all the satisfaction before buying it. Having strong resilience with cork layers enables the user to keep their firmness on the ground. It is even foldable and can be taken anywhere for your travel or wearing them around the house.

Best Birkenstock Alternatives Buying Guide

Products that are well made and copies of original brands like Birkenstock are not bad but there should be some pointers before purchasing. If you cannot afford a world class brand, there are several alternatives of amazing footwear that will make your usage even better than a regular one.


Make sure to know your correct foot size when buying a shoe even online or from an outlet. There are several sizes in US and UK charts and all people have different body types. So their feet will also have different sizes in men, women and children as they are usually measured in inches or centimeters.

Most brands have their size chart mentioned on the page of the website or they have pictures included with the product. You can measure your foot at home and can choose the right one that suits your foot structure well.


Your selected shoe should be lightweight enough so that when you walk, it does not feel like iron blocks chained to your feet. Such as you have seen the 8 oz of Freedom moses 2 band slide. Products like these have the ability to keep you light and fresh in the hottest weather as well.


Some products have a rubber sole like Freedom moses 2 band slide while others may use a synthetic sole that does not stink. They even have cushioning so that when you walk, it makes it run on clouds. Additions like thermoplastic rubber soles like Women’s T-strap thong sandals will make a rugged approach.


This is one of the most important parts of the footwear because your whole weight is once on your toes and once on the heel. Its cushioned structure and design allows you to move freely without pain especially when you have to take long walks. The people with arthritis are often suggested to wear soft heel yet sturdy ones to keep their posture right.


Thanks to the Pcu material added in the sandal or the cow suede leather like TF Star makes. Whatever material is used in the making of your selected product, it should not stink so that you may get smelly feet.


Having various designs like TF star’s open toe or adjustable 2 strap design to choose from various structures. You are able to choose from colors, patterns and design not only on the upper body or sole but from the bottom as well that does not get dirt stuck to it for long.


Always look at the reviews of your website or page that sell the shoes so you can have the satisfied result. Ask your friends or relatives about the shops where they buy their footwear and if it is any good. This way you not get disappointed with your purchase.

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