Best Monitor For RTX 4080 (Gaming, 4K, Cheap)

It is time to build the dream gaming setup after the launch of new Nvidia’s 4080 cards and here is the list of the best monitors for RTX 4080 to get you a kickstart. We might add that we have all the products from cheaper models to mid range one so that all customers can enjoy the perks of this new GPU. Let us look at all the possible features you can get from this list of products and can join the competitive market of games like League of Legends. One of our top pick is the M32UC by Gigabyte because of its versatile spec sheet.

We have the screen sizes from 27 inches of AOC CQ27G3S and 32 inches of Samsung G5 Odyssey to choose from. Similarly, the resolution choice is a great way to pump your blood with 1440p and 4K support in most of these screens. There is even some curvature of 1000R, 1500R and 1800R so you can choose the arch you like. Speaking of physical attributes, you can see USB type C, USB 3.2, HDMI 2.1 and display ports in Gigabyte M32UC specifically.

While others might not add USB ports, they still offer amazing 1ms response time for beastly performance. On the other hand, the refresh rate has categories starting from 60Hz present in BenQ EL2870U up to 200 Hz in  Scepter C305B-2000UN1. These brands have been working hard to gain the trust of their customers which is why G sync and FreeSync are here to the rescue. With all these features, there is very minimal chance of any screen lagging, choppy frames or tearing panel look in peak hours.

Our Recommended list of the Best Monitor For RTX 4080

  1. GIGABYTE M32UC Curved Gaming Monitor
  2. SAMSUNG 32” Odyssey G5 Gaming Monitor
  3. Sceptre 30-inch Curved Gaming Monitor
  4. AOC GAMING CQ27G3S Frameless Curved Gaming Monitor
  5. SAMSUNG 28″ Odyssey G70A Gaming Computer Monitor
  6. BenQ 28 Inch 4K UHD Gaming Computer Monitor

RTX 4080 Monitor Requirements

  1. Screen size minimum: 27, recommended: up to 34 inches
  2. Minimum refresh rate: 144Hz, recommended: 240Hz
  3. Minimum resolution: 1080p, recommended: 4K
  4. Budget should not make you go bankrupt
  5. Minimum response time: 4ms, recommended: 1ms
  6. Maximum ports should be available for connecting external displays and other devices
  7. Eye care technologies are a must so you can work or play for longer hours
  8. AMD FreeSync or Nvidia G-Sync addition will make games run smoother

4080 vs 4070

Some people might think that this will be an inadequate competitor but let us explain how it can be a good counterpart for your 4080 choice.

  • Both the cards have the GDDR6X version of memory but the RAM can differ in size.
  • You get to see 2 versions of VRAM in 4080 as the 12Gb or 16Gb but 4070 has the famous version of 12Gb.
  • Some of the other factors like memory clock speed, bus width and memory bandwidth are also slightly lower in 4070 than in 4080.
  • With the same ports options and API support, we have a common ground here in both cards.
  • Although the CUDA cores are more in 4080, the other card has 4nm lithography and only 285 watt of thermal design power.
  • The price will also be lesser in 4070 cards as compared to the 4080 12Gb version that comes in $900.

1- GIGABYTE M32UC Curved Gaming Monitor

GIGABYTE M32UC Curved Gaming Monitor

Gigabyte has stepped onto the high road where users have been looking for their capable monitors building their rig for RTX 4080. So this brand has introduced the M32UC model that will ensure you get what you have been looking for so far. Starting from a greater 32 inches panel, you get to see an arch of 1000R. Since the moment you look at it, all your focus will become centrally focused and less eye movement is expected.

Thanks to the 144Hz refresh rate that has an ideal rate of maintaining the smoother experience when you play fast paced car or fighting games. In overclocking mode, this beast can achieve up to 165Hz as well unlocking its full potential. Being truly a powerhouse, Gigabyte has also added 1ms response time to reduce any lagging left in the screen. Not to forget about the 4K resolution you can achieve from this monitor in the native refresh rate is truly impressive.

With all the angles of view up to 178 degrees, 8 bit color, displayHDR 400 has actually raised the bar for vivid frames. Connect multiple devices with this monitor and you can also control them from one interface through KVM integration. Certain tactical features like OSD sidekick and PiP will also increase your in game performance and overall usage. The brand is passionate about its user’s health so they have added low blue light filters and flicker free technology.

Now that you have overcome your fear of eye sight issues or constant headaches and strains, you can be more productive than before. We also get to see a display port, dual HDMI 2.1 connection and even several USB ports. They offer USB type C, 3x USB 3.2, 1x USB 3.2 downstream and upstream respectively. 


Putting 2 of the competitive models by Gigabyte side by side, M32UC and M32U, there is a shocking revelation about their similar overall performance. Although, some people might choose the M32U for its ergonomically friendly design and motion handling. While others would want a 4k screen blasting with clarity, well lit in a dark room and incredible contrast ratio for more vividness.


  • Well lit brightness level
  • Smooth refresh rate
  • Rapid fast response time
  • 4k resolution
  • Can be played with consoles
  • HDMI 2.1
  • Good curve on the panel


  • Problematic VRR

2- SAMSUNG 32” Odyssey G5 Gaming Monitor

SAMSUNG 32” Odyssey G5 Gaming Monitor

Samsung has one of its names in the market due to its wide product range and the type of trust it has built with its users. One of its top tier products is the Odyssey G5 series as this machine serves 32 inches of panel with a 1000R of extreme curve angle. Keeping your view as immersive as it can get, 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution will keep you busy for hours.

The features that will give you the most chills will be the refresh rate of 144Hz, your traditional screen will knock off. Its rapid fast response of 1ms will bring quicker difference onto the screen. Not only that, AMD FreeSync premium is able to serve you the technology for decreasing screen stutter. This time of low latency compensation will make you scene flow without obstruction.

For all the shades and colors to come to life, Samsung has added HDR10 to the Odyssey G5. This feature will make sure all the shadows of dark shades will make enough room to keep your vision clear. The same happens with the whiter and brighter shades to give the resolution a detailed resolution. Not to forget about the 1ms response time for boasting the precision in your screen while you are at an important task.

Its pixel density is 1.7 times higher than usual so that the input latency in lower frame rate can cope with the ever changing action. There is an HDMI and display Port for keeping you busy with other devices as well as external displays.


There is a 27 inches version of the same brand and it has almost the same features that might make you confused about the purchase. But if you are concerned about the space in your house, this version will solve your issue. It has a compact size and will fit in smaller places more efficiently than the 32 inches version.


  • Curved panel
  • OSD menu
  • Fast refresh rate
  • Pretty good response time
  • HDR10
  • Sync support
  • Great resolution


  • Horizontal view is poor
  • Not too bright for a well lit room

3- Sceptre 30-inch Curved Gaming Monitor

Sceptre 30-inch Curved Gaming Monitor

One of the top choices among the users with regards to the monitor selection is the Scepter with its 30 inches panel. Now there is something special about this monitor because it is loaded with features. Starting with the decent curve that is seen on the body, it is as immersive as the 1800R could get. The resolution of this bad boy has been set at 2560 x 1080 pixels with an aspect ratio of 21:9.

From 120Hz of refresh rate, it can be boosted up to 200Hz with the help of display port or HDMI 2.0. When you reach the desired speed and what not, such a refresh rate will give gamers a high leverage so their frames will transition smoothly. Especially in a fast paced game like the modern ones, you do not need blurred trails leaving behind to blur your whole view. This is why AMD Freesync is able to give its users the edge when there is no screen stuttering or tearing present. this gaming monitor is also compatible with Steam deck monitor and Radeon RX 6750 XT monitor and Steam deck monitor.

Not only that, the custom settings of the screen for various game modes include RTS and FPS to make your gaming a greater experience than itself. Once you are in the zone, there is a high chance that you might forget about the time and spend a bit too much on the screen. But worry not since the brand has added eye care technology such as flicker free looking pictures and blue light to reduce the strain on your eyes. For more practical viewing space, VESA wall mount will make it happen to make it even more convenient.


With a slight price increase in the tag, Scepter has managed to serve a 32 inches monitor having a great spec sheet. Its resolution counts as 1920 x 1080p traditional yet never out of style and only weighs 12lbs. The response time is better than it is in this 30 inches one model and the 32 version can run at 240 Hz as well.


  • Rich ports
  • Good resolution
  • Integrated speakers
  • Decent curve
  • Eye care technology
  • Freesync support


  • Going above the refresh rate can lag a little
  • Response time is not that great

4- AOC GAMING Frameless Curved Gaming Monitor

AOC GAMING Frameless Curved Gaming Monitor

In order to get your GPU a great companion for life, the best monitor for rtx 4080 price is right in front of you. AOC has managed to give the gaming community a punch packed in a compact yet powerful enough body. The CQ27G3S is a frameless baby that has more viewing space than most traditional monitors. It comes out as a 27 inches panel that will fit right into your desktop setup or can also be mounted on the wall as a VESA wall mount.

A number of frames, once you see them clearly, will prove that 16.7 million display colors will enhance your view on this one. Besides that, HDR10 will illuminate darker objects under the shades to bring focus on them and their detailing in the design of those characters. You can also see a 1000R curvature on the VA display to suggest the immersive view upon the buyer. If that does not get you, the resolution of 2560 x 1440p will definitely take you on the high road.

Now see more than just clear with the AOC invention making an ultra fast refresh rate of 165Hz to make each movement smooth. Since there will be no trails, you get to move as quickly as possible, not waiting for the screen to become stable. A rapid fast 1ms response time is what we call a hit and move target because you can deal with the competitors with precision. The addition of adaptive sync or Nvidia’s G sync technology serves a tear free or lag free gaming support.



  • Deep Curve for focused center
  • Superior response time
  • HDR10 support for vivid view
  • Ultra smooth refresh rate
  • 3 side bezel less design
  • Low input lag
  • 1x display port, 2x HDMI 2.0, 1x audio out port
  • Ergonomic stand


  • No USB option
  • Brightness level not too bright

5- SAMSUNG 28″ Odyssey G70A Gaming Computer Monitor

SAMSUNG 28 Odyssey G70A Gaming Computer Monitor

Samsung has stepped into another dimension by putting the best 4k gaming monitor on the market. Odyssey G70A is an absolute banger because it is packed with all the specs that are necessary for a beginner to top level gamer. An ideal 28 inches screen size is loaded with 4k ultra HD resolution on this LED. Wall mount feature of this is able to give you a safe distance of putting it up.

An extended view of the system and in clear detail is what everyone wants these days and it is possible with a 21:9 aspect ratio. There is a smooth refresh rate of 144Hz which makes the screen transition easier than it has ever been. Even with the modern games with most of the top notch resolution, you can have rapid changes on your screen. You will have no reasons to use a stuttering screen if you do not have the 1ms response time.

This feature is then paired with another feature, Nvidia’s G-Sync compatibility will help make the graphics card and screen response time synchronize. As the name suggests, this feature plays its part in eliminating the choppy or uneasy frames. Talking more about the design is where the Odyssey G70A takes things to another level. You get to customize the light behind the core design and on the front bottom panel for matching the aesthetic of your game or work.

Now you will have a cool looking monitor that will have its unique look dazzling everyone of your friends whenever they visit your setup. On top of that, the really adjustable ergonomics of the monitor will help you find the best spot and position. It can move in ways like swivel, tilt, pivot and even adjust its height with standard VESA mounting.


Close to this product, we have the Odyssey G50A at a much lesser price but it has consequences like an inch smaller screen. Both of these screens support great positioning and can operate at almost 40 degrees of temperature. The differences also contain 1440p resolution in G50A and lesser pixel density.


  • 4K resolution
  • Very ergonomic stand
  • HDR400
  • Smooth refresh rate
  • G-Sync/FreeSync compatible
  • Lighting core and customization option
  • Front lighting


  • Somewhat poor RGB gamut performance

6- BenQ 28 Inch 4K UHD Gaming Computer Monitor

BenQ 28 Inch 4K UHD Gaming Computer Monitor

From the premium pattern, BenQ has risen up from nothing and made its name in the market with the EL2870U. You can consider it the best 4k gaming monitor because of the features it is packed with. The 28 inches will keep you busy for hours when the sleek details will pop right in front of you without squinting too hard. And since the sessions will be longer than expected, the comfort solution for your eyes is the adaptive brightness technology.

On top of that, low blue light will make sure you have no computer brightness harming your sight as well as flicker free technology to keep the strain off your eyes. When you have no headache, you will be more productive towards your goals and it is all possible because of BenQ. Moreover, 1ms response time and 60Hz refresh rate makes the screen change its pace with the live action. When the broken frames are out of option, HDR10 enables the display colors to reach up to its maximum limit that is 1 billion colors.

Alongside the smooth gaming experience, FreeSync is able to bring more greatness into the brightness, contrast, smoother transitions into your view. Make yourself comfortable with the connectivity of HDMI and displayport. There is no USB port present but we can get VESA wall mount and multiple systems with this.


Much like this monitor, we can look at BenQ PD3200U that is also another 4K monitor serving its end of the bargain. But let us look at the similarities and differences that will give you a unique angle to look at these beasts. Some of the users have complained that the built-in speakers that have been added in PD32000U are also not great. But it has 32 inches of screen while EL2870U has 28 inches only. There is a price increase of up to $300 in the PD32000U because of its IPS panel and AQCOLOR addition.


  • 4k pixel density
  • HDR10 support
  • Value to price
  • Eye care
  • Free Sync addition


  • Connectivity needs improvement like USB ports
  • Built in speakers are not too great
  • Refresh rate can be jittery

Best Monitor For RTX 4080 Buying Guide

There will be great competition that will be arising with the launch of a capable high end card as the RTX 4080. So our users should be prepared for what is coming their way while also not going too overboard with the monitor purchase. We suggest one of our finest additions in this list by Gigabyte and the model is M32UC. The reason for this suggestion is this model ticking all of our boxes for a good competitive panel in today’s era.

Let us look at some of the important features that you should also be seeing while you are out there shopping for your favorite monitor.


Obviously, the screen is not just its physical being which by the way matters as well so you can look in smaller sizes like 27 to 32 inches sizes. Why bigger size you ask is where the next feature will perform well. But before we move onto the next feature, let us not forget about the 1080p to 4K resolution support. And if your system has a curve anywhere like 1000R to 1800R, that will pick up your game well.

Since the curve will bring focus in the center, it will also look aesthetically pleasing in regards to the modern look of your gaming setup. Other than that, HDR10 or HDR400 support will enhance the darker shades and bring focus on the detailing in your game’s character. It is better to go with an IPS or VA because they are known for better contrast ratio and color spectrum.

Refresh Rate:

One of the top choices around tech geeks is 144hz due to the fact that it has very less complaints from the customers when playing faster games. But might we suggest that some of the models can even push to 200Hz in overclocking mode like Scepter C305B-200UN1. While others can be limited to 60Hz in the cheaper models like BenQ’s EL2870U.


You must have seen the tag that says AMD FreeSync or Nvidia’s G sync supported, which means your monitor will be able to handle more content. There will be less screen tearing and even smooth succession of all your modern and favorite games with this feature. Keep in mind that if gaming is your top priority, this feature will take you to the big leagues.

Response Time:

Try to stay at 1ms when it comes to response time because the lower this number is, the better your overall performance will be. This feature is programmed to keep the frames for not jittery while making you not regret your decision.


Some of the budget models might not add USB ports but they are as important as the display port and HDMI 2.0 and even 2.1 version. They will help you connect multiple devices like laptops, smartphones, consoles, sound bars etc. You will also be able to transfer some audio, video signals faster than ever before.

other Features:

No matter what work you get from your monitor, the eye care features are important for the longer run. They will include a flicker free and low blue light filter so that your neck and eyes do not hurt while looking at the screen for longer hours than expected. Speaking of neck pain, the position of your system should be able to tilt, swivel, pivot and adjust its height according to your will.


What Monitor Size Is Best For 4K Gaming?

We would suggest a 27 inches screen that is not too small or too big for your desktop setup as well as the resolution choice. Most of the mid range to cheaper models come in this size and they are loaded with incredible features from 1080p to 4k resolution. Even the refresh rate can be from 60Hz to 240Hz for keeping your experience great.

Is 4K or 144Hz Better For Gaming?

If you are interested in esports especially, the 144Hz is a great choice giving you a competitive edge. Now you can move your character faster and smoother without blurry screen trails. Whereas the 4k monitors will give you more cinematic feeling and can also be great for single player games.

Why Do Pro Gamers Use 24 Inches Monitor?

One of the main reasons some gamers tend to bend towards a 24 inch screen is because these monitors are equipped with extremely high frame rates. Some even come with QHD resolution that will do great in tournaments as well that is a leverage for pro gamers.

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