Best Sublimation Printer for Beginners (Budget, Epson, Cheap)

Before buying a sublimation printer for your company, there are a few things to think about. If you’re unsure which printer is best for you, see a professional. For various reasons and budget fluctuations, there are several sorts of printers that you may use. 

If you’re just starting, you’re looking for a small, inexpensive printer. Some of the best sublimation printers on the market can also be considered the best Sublimation printers for cricut. There are scanning and printing features that will simplify your work.

A sublimation printer is an office device that prints various items using heat and special inks. The item is transferred onto the fabric using a heat press. Here, we have compiled some of the best sublimation printers to make it easy for you to choose the best printer machine for your needs and budget.

When you’re new to sublimation, deciding what features are crucial to you might be difficult. That’s why we’ve assembled a list of our favorite features for you, from resolution and print speed to customizability and brand printing/sublimation capabilities.

At Branding Creative, we provide a thorough review of the best sublimation printers on the market today. This page discusses some of the most important aspects of these gadgets, as well as their benefits and drawbacks. We hope you’ll find it informative and enjoyable.

Technology has changed the way we do business, and there are several ways advancements have impacted how we create, design, and market our products. As the best subs are becoming larger and more creative, the large-scale production capabilities needed for product design and marketing purposes have changed.

Our recommdended list of the Best Sublimation Printers for Beginners

  1. Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Wireless Color All-in-One Printer
  2. Sawgrass SG500 Sublimation Printer
  3. WorkForce WF-7710 Wireless Wide-format Color Inkjet Printer
  4. Epson WorkForce WF-7720 Wireless Color Inkjet Printer
  5. Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 sublimation Printer
  6. Sawgrass Virtuoso SG1000 sublimation Printer

1- Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Wireless Color All-in-One Printer

Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Wireless Color All-in-One Printer

The Epson EcoTank ET-2720 is a colour all-in-one supertank printer with a scanner and copier that works wirelessly. Its high-capacity ink system lets you print up to 2,200 pages with black ink and 1,600 pages with the CMYK bundle. 

The 5″ LCD screen lets you preview your image before printing. This printer’s photo lab quality prints at 4800 x 1200 dpi will help ensure that your house photos are as vivid and clear as possible.this is also perfect for Epson EcoTank ET-3760 printer.

This wireless printer comes with many useful features including auto two-sided printing which allows you to save paper, an automatic document feeder, borderless 4 x 6 photo prints in under 60 seconds, and much more.

The ET-2720 is a color inkjet printer that prints borderless photos and documents up to 8.5″ x 11″. It features a built-in Wi-Fi Adapter for direct printing from mobile devices.

And it uses individual ink cartridges in 3 colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow. Built into the printer are two paper trays for printing on both regular and photo paper.

2- Sawgrass SG500 Sublimation Printer

Sawgrass SG500 Sublimation Printer

If you have a small business or run a part of your business from home, you may have thought about getting yourself a printer. However, printers are expensive and for the most part, do not deliver on their promises. 

The SG500 makes use of sublimation printing to produce high-quality prints without paying for overpriced ink cartridges or wasting paper. While sublimation may seem like an odd choice for most people’s needs.

This Sawgrass SG500 sublimation printer is an excellent option for a variety of applications, including promotional items and T-shirt printing. The cost per print is low, and it only takes seconds to complete each print cycle. This printer is easy to operate with just one button on top of the unit that controls everything from loading media to starting the print process.

The Sawgrass SG500 sublimation printer is a new, high-speed inkjet printer that works with digital textile printing. The Sawgrass SG500 features several new features and capabilities including Full color “16 x 20” prints in under 3 minutes.

Dye-sublimation printing is a method of transferring a particular dye onto a material using heat. The Sawgrass SG500 printer uses an advanced heating technology to transfer ink into a specially formulated paper sheet from which it can then be applied on a variety of substrates including photopolymer plates for digital printing applications.

3-WorkForce WF-7710 Wireless Wide-format Color Inkjet Printer

WorkForce WF-7710 Wireless Wide-format Color Inkjet Printer

The WorkForce WF-7710 All-in-One Printer is the ideal choice for home and small businesses that need versatile printing, copying, scanning, and faxing capabilities with wireless connectivity.

The WorkForce WF-7710 Wireless Wide-Format Inkjet Printer with Copier from Epson provides a fast and easy way to print, copy and scan. The printer can create borderless color prints at up to 4800 x 1200 dpi using the new PrecisionCore print head technology. It also features an Auto Photo Fix II feature that automatically corrects your images with one touch.

The WorkForce Printer with Copy, Scan, and Fax from Epson printer Sublimation is a great choice for Beginners and office. It offers a wide range of functions at a reasonable price.

Epson’s personnel WF-7710 wireless extensive-layout coloration Inkjet Printer with copy, experiment, and ship is a printer with quite a few functionality. It has functions that had been previously only accessible on printers that had been appreciably greater costly.

It boasts features that were once only available on much more expensive printers. Its print speed is fast enough to handle the demands of mid-size office use, but its print quality more than holds up in professional environments.

The WorkForce WF-7710 is a very popular model due to its multiple functions. It can print, copy, scan, and fax. The inkjet printer can produce borderless photos in sizes up to 13″ x 19”. This machine also has the ability to print on CD/DVD labels utilising ZINK technology, which is a useful function.

4- Epson WorkForce WF-7720 Wireless Color Inkjet Printer

Epson WorkForce WF-7720 Wireless Color Inkjet Printer

Epson WorkForce WF-7720 Wireless Wide-format Color Inkjet Printer with Copy, Scan, and Print from Smartphone or Tablet, Black number-one selling color inkjet printer in the United States according to NPD’s most recent Hardcopy Peripherals Report. Epson WorkForce compatible with Sublimation Printer For Cricut.

The all-in-one Epson WorkForce WF-7720 Color Wireless Printer prints, copies, scans, and faxes at up to 57ppm black and color1 for fast office printing. Wireless networking allows you to print from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop wherever there is a wireless network. The printer features Epson’s EcoTank system with individual ink tanks that help reduce waste and save money.

The Epson Printer has earned a reputation for impressive color and black-and-white prints. This printer offers several features that make it versatile for a variety of purposes and use cases. The print speed is reported to be 13 seconds per page, which is good when you need to quickly print documents on short notice.

The WF-7720 is an all-around great printer that has many features to offer its users. This printer is both sleek and compact, weighing just over 14 pounds, so it does not take up too much space on the desk. The ink cartridges are fairly inexpensive which we recommended because sometimes printers can be an expensive investment to make.

5- Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 sublimation Printer

Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 sublimation Printer

The Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 is a new, budget-friendly sublimation printer that will provide you with high-quality prints and help you get started in the world of t-shirt printing. It’s an economical option for those who want to experiment with digital design or add it to their existing business.

Here are some specs: 8″ x 10.2″ max print area Full-color CMYK Print resolution up to 1440dpi Compatible with Mac & PC Available. Ink and 100 papers are included in the Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 Complete Sublimation Printer set.

The Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 is a fast, mid-generation printer featuring high print speeds up to 400mm/s (15.75ips), the next generation in thermal transfer technology.This is a printing process that allows you to print images and start printing your own T- Shirts.

The Epson Durabrite Ultra ink set provides archival-grade prints that dry instantly without smudging or smearing. The Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 has been designed to be easy to use and maintain, reliable, durable, and user-friendly. Makes sublimation printing simple with its integrated rollers.

Now you can create your custom promotional products faster than ever before! With the new Virtuoso Sublimation Printer Bundle, you can start selling your very own customized products in no time at all. 

The Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 is one of the most reliable, professional, high-quality sublimation printers available today. This printer has been designed to give you both reliability and excellent print quality for a reasonable price. With this printer, you have the option of either printing on paper or direct onto garments.

6- Sawgrass Virtuoso SG1000 Sublimation Printer

Sawgrass Virtuoso SG1000 sublimation Printers

The Sawgrass Virtuoso SG1000 is an excellent entry-level sublimation printer. It’s an ideal printer for a small business just getting started, or for a company looking to expand its promotional product offerings.

Sawgrass Virtuoso SG 1000 is a Sublimation Printer that provides a range of high-quality, full-color prints to meet your needs. This printer offers a variety of features and benefits, including:

1. Accurate print resolution up to 1440×720 dpi with 24-bit color depth

2. Print speeds up to five inches per second (5″/s)

3. Print on rigid media up to 2mm thick or flexible material up.

The Sawgrass Virtuoso SG1000 is a professional-grade sublimation printer for Cricut. It can handle any type of commercial printing application, including business cards and custom apparel. 

The printer uses dry powder for ink which means no more mess or wet ink to deal with. This allows the machine to work faster and produce higher-quality images than traditional printers. Ink cartridges are also easier to replace, making it simple to maintain the printer without extensive technical knowledge.

The Sawgrass Virtuoso SG1000 is a Dye Sublimation Printer designed for in-house screen printing, sign, and banner shops. It’s the market’s most flexible printer, suitable for both production and digital printing.

The Sawgrass Virtuoso SG1000 sublimation printer is the ultimate piece of equipment for any business that wants to produce top-quality products. This high-end machine can print on a variety of items, including custom ceramic mugs, T-shirts, and even pillows.

Best Sublimation Printers for Beginners Buying Guide:

For beginners, there are various options available, and most wish to spend as little money as possible at first. The Epson lines will require a bit more effort from novices, but you’ll save money.

If you’re a novice and can afford it, the Sawgrass line is a great place to start. It is ready to use, includes a design software, complete technical support, and warranties, and the possibilities are unlimited.

Quality / Resolution:

A greater resolution is directly connected to better print quality. If you’re working on a complicated design, a device with a high DPI resolution is recommended.

The quality of your t-shirt may be harmed if the picture is fuzzy due to low-resolution printing. Besides For tiny logo printing, low-resolution printers are the ideal option. When creating huge graphics, a minimum resolution of 4800X1200 dpi is required.

Budget/ Price:

A budget constraint is always there when making a large investment. You can choose the finest sublimation printer for beginners for your needs with the vast variety of pricing available. However, getting the most costly model available may not be the best option.

Having a sensible budget and taking into account your necessities will allow you to get the most out of your money. As a result, you may pick a price range that suits you best and avoid getting sidetracked by other considerations. Buyer’s regret is common when a unit is expensive, regardless of its quality.


Many printers have some sort of visual display, which may or may not be a touch screen. Aside from that, a printer with better display technology is more costly. Touch screen monitors are widely available and have a simple design that enables for quick access to features and functionalities.

Media Size for Prints:

Large designs may be impossible to print on some printers. The printers we looked at handle a broad selection of media sizes, so you can choose the one that’s ideal for you.

You don’t require high media sizes for printing tiny logos on t-shirts. In this case, a 46-inch printer would be sufficient. The printer must be able to handle greater media sizes if the design is huge. In the end, it’s all about you. A big printer should meet your needs in terms of size and functions.

Speed of printing:

The speed with which t-shirt printing firms print is critical to their production. You can print numerous orders at once on a high-speed machine in a short amount of time. As a result, you might wish to spend a little extra on a high-quality printer.

Furthermore, printer speed is influenced by resolution. Printing takes longer with a high-resolution photograph. Choose a printer with a quick print speed and excellent quality before making a purchase. For personal usage, resolution takes precedence above performance.

Volume of Printing:

When selling t-shirts, make sure you choose a printing process that can handle heavy-duty work. As a result, you can sanitise big quantities of orders quickly.

Printers come in a variety of capabilities. Furthermore, excessive-cease variations can print tens of hundreds of snapshots as soon as, while lower-stop models can best print one thousand at a time. Finally, it is critical to not forget your print extent and velocity wishes.


Several Wireless printers for Chromebook or Bluetooth capabilities are available on the market, which may be useful to some people. Using a computer with a cable connection may be less advantageous to you.

Although this is not an essential feature for people who prefer to work on their phones, if you choose this option, you will be able to print your drawings without having to use a computer if you transfer them to a printer and have them printed. Consider it if it seems exciting to you.


On the subject of t-shirt sublimation printing, the brand of the product is likewise giant. To have a positive experience with a printer, it is recommended to get one from a reputable issuer. Avoiding buying counterfeit items is the exceptional line of motion.

We looked at four amazing printer brands in our search for the best sublimation printer for beginners: Epson, Sawgrass, Brother, and HP. Each of these businesses will give you an exceptional experience. If your machine breaks down, if you continue with a reputable brand, you will receive outstanding aftermarket assistance.

Warranty and Assistance:

Choose a printer repair company that stands out from the crowd of organisations that provide this sort of service. A printer repair company’s warranty might set it apart from the competition.

The warranties offered by printer firms might provide you a fair idea of the company’s staff and services. you will shop a giant amount of money due to the fact that you may not have to pay for a go back.

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