CORSAIR AX1000 PSU Review 1000 Watt Fully Modular Power Supply

Corsair announces the company’s new titanium certified 80 plus titanium power supply series with the release of the AX series, AX1000, 1000 watt, 80+Titanium certified, fully modular power supply. The AX series power supplies provide original features and performance to the market.

Including a new high mass cable design to fit more connectors in a smaller space. The AX series power supplies have a power range of 1000-1800 watts, 80 plus Titanium certified orders with full modular cable.

There is a lot of confusion about this power supply due to major marketing. But it’s a quality offering that provides good value for those who are looking for the best quality and modular power supply.


Latest power Supply:

Corsair is a high-performance system builder. Their latest power supplies have an 80 plus titanium certification and fully modularity. This power supply is one of the most famous and strong brands in the gaming industry and this is due to the dedication they put into building the best products while combining excellence and innovation.

Pc Build:

Built with great and ultra-efficient 80 plus Titanium certified power supplies, these power supplies are one of the most reliable choices in the PC expert and Pc build.

On top of that, the combination of covered heat sinks with semi-transparent fan blades and impressive cause give these units the unique corsair Look. 

Greatest Power Supply:

If you are looking for the latest and greatest power supply you can buy, you don’t have to go any further than the corsair AX series, Ax 1000, 1000 watt, 80+ Titanium certified, fully modular power supply.

You are looking for a good quality power supply to run your next build or if you are just looking to upgrade your current power supply, you’ll love this purchase.

Corsair Design:

Corsair is a leading provider of high-performance PC gaming outer and components, power innovation, and systems, designed to maximize the performance of gamers Pc experts.

Corsair’s newest line of power supplies, the Ax series has hit its stride. The 80 plus titanium-certified lineup is getting praise from gamers, journalists, and experts alike. Corsair design took some time to get right, but the end product is unlike anything you have seen before.

World leader Memory:

Corsair, a world leader in memory SSDs, components, and power supplies, launched its flagship product, the definitive high-performance professional series solid-state hard drive Ax series.

Each hard drive is designed for speed, performance, and reliability in workstation and server applications by integrating extreme density, highest performance, and a tough ultra-durable build.

Advanced Quality:

And the Corsair Ax series power supply is a computer power supply with a quiet, high-quality titanium grade fan coupled with advanced and quality components. The design is 80+ titanium certified. 

In addition to the large, side-organized corsair logo, the Ax series power supply also has a front-facing black filter that covers the power supplies’ modular connections. The removable, side window covers are designed to reduce the amount of dust or other express particles that can enter the power supply.

Corsair is the manufacturer of high-end PC components through its skills in research and development. It has committed to delivering advanced reliable and efficient PC power supplies that are noted.

Ideal Choice PC:

The Corsair industry performs and features voltage ballast, 80 plus titanium certification, and fully modular cables. Ax series products are the ideal choice for building high-performance PCS that demand not just high power but also high efficiency.  


With 1000 watts of continuous power and up to 83% efficiency, the Ax series is the ideal choice for your next build. A fully standard design reduces cable clutter and improves airflow inside the system.

13mm Cooling Fan:

A single large 13mm cooling fan delivers cool operation even at demanding loads. And 80 plus Titanium certifications means up to 94% power conversion efficiency. This power supply is fully modular, so users can choose to only use the cable they need.


It offers high efficiency delivering 90% energy efficiency at 50%load. It also offers 100% Japanese

 capacitors, and 80 plus titanium certifications.

Wires Connecting:

Series is a fully modular power supply; it means that the wires connecting the power supply to the computer are compatible, so they can be replaced as needed. The Ax series has a 1000 watt capacity.

And is titanium certified the product is blacked by warranty corsair Ax series power supplies are recommended for gamers and experts? That is made from superior materials that will keep it from overheating and keep it from becoming a fire hazard.

The series also has a fully standard design, which means that you can use only the cable you need, quieter than having to deal with all of the cables you don’t need. The cables are also sleeved in nylon mesh, which makes them easier to manage and more durable.

Perfect For Professional:

Corsair has been around for more than 20 years and they are the company behind the famous power supply called the CX series. The Ax series is perfect for gamers, builders, and professionals who need a high-quality power supply for their systems. 

Corsair has always been the supreme maker of computer components and borders. With the Ax series, they have taken their high quality and best performance power supplies to the next level.

Plug / Unplug:

These power supplies are fully modular, which means you can plugin and unplug the cables as needed without having to unplug the entire power supply. They also come with an 80 plus titanium certification.

This efficiency means that your power supply will last longer and use less energy and with a maximum output of 1000 watts. If you are looking for a power supply of the highest and greatest quality with the highest performance and ability then the Ax series is a perfect choice.

The power supply is fully modular, which means that it can be installed without having to run a group of wires from the power supply to the device.

Great Deal:

The titanium-certified label means that the power supply is built to last and offers a great deal of protection against voltage projection. It also offers a quiet and logical way to keep the power supply cool. The Corsair is the best choice for any user looking for a reliable power supply. Which ensures easy installation and maximized efficiency.

This power supply is backed and lifetime access to corsairs legendary support and user service. It has an ultra-quiet 130mm fan, so it’s perfect for use in areas where noise is a cover.

Semi-Modular Design:

It also has a semi-modular design, which makes it easy to reduce the clutter in your PC Case. This power supply has all the necessary certifications, including titanium. The corsair Ax is perfect for radical gamers and professionals who need the most possible.

Which provides increased power efficiency and extends life. This PSU is also cooled by a 130mm fan, and 120mm fan which provides increased airflow and keeps the PSU cool. It also has an intelligent auto fan mode which will adjust the fan speed according to the load on the PSU. 

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