11 Best CPU For Gaming (Cheapest, Affordable, Intel, AMD)

Best CPU For Gaming

Let’s take a look at the cheap and budget options for the best cpu for gaming 2022. If computers certainly allow you to perform routine and office tasks, they can also reveal monster capacities for much more demanding activities, such as gaming. From this perspective, both the GPU (the graphics card) and the CPU (processor) … Read more

Core i5 12600K CPU Review Vs Core i9- 12900K

Core i5 126OOK& Core i9- 129OOK

If you in search for the best cpu for gaming, Intel had some catching up to do with Alder Lake, the codename for its 12th generation Core processors. For the past five years, AMD’s Ryzen family has battered it for core counts, value for money, and all-around performance when it comes to desktop processors. Meanwhile, … Read more