Best Monitor For RX 7900 XT (Gaming, 4K, Ultrawide)

If you want full juice of the latest AMD graphics card then you have to look for the Best Monitor For RX 7900 XT. Your chosen graphics card is high end, make a precise purchase and find a compatible display screen to pair it to play games like League of Legends. For your time saving, we have shortlisted its top rated options for you. Scroll down to get deep down in them!

Recently, Nvidia released RTX 4090 and RTX 4080 to continue to reign superior in the high end gaming market. AMD took a step forward in response to Nvidia, and launched the 7900 XT to compete with the newer Nvidia GPUs. Nvidia released its products in November, 2022, and 13th December, 2022 is AMD 7900 XT release date. When it comes to AMD RX 7900 XT price, the good news is it is a bit cheaper as compared to Nvidia’s RTX 4080. Your chosen video card is designed to provide you gaming in 4K, to achieve it get a compatible SCR.

From our listed products you can invest in ASUS TUF Gaming VG289Q1A, we entitled it as overall best monitor for 7900 XT. After spending a lot of money on your graphics card you want a wallet friendly screen then BenQ EL2870U is a good option for you. Starting from the screen size of your monitor, from a wide range of sizes, the most suitable size is 27 to 32 inches. If you want to get the full viewing angle of your display screen then a curved monitor is preferable over a flat one. 

Furthermore, when your priority is to have graphics in 4K then you should buy a screen with up to 165 Hz refresh rate. There are different types of panels, from all of them VA and IPS work excellently. Look for the AMD FreeSync compatible to have tear free and stuttering free content on the screen. When you plan to use your gaming PC for hours and hours then purchase a monitor that supports Eye Care and Anti Flicker.

Our Recommended list of the Best Monitor For RX 7900 XT

  1. ASUS TUF Gaming VG289Q1A HDR Monitor
  2. AOC C32G2 Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor
  3. BenQ EL2870U 4K UHD Gaming Monitor
  4. SAMSUNG 32″ Odyssey G55A QHD 165Hz Gaming Monitor
  5. Sceptre Curved Gaming Monitor
  6. MSI MPG ARTYMIS 273CQR Gaming Monitor

RX 7900 XT Monitor Requirements:

  • Screen Size: As per your need, Recommended 27 to 32 inch  
  • Resolution: 4K supported
  • Refresh Rate: 144 Hz
  • Shape: If you want to enjoy immersed visuals then get a 1000R curved monitor FreeSync/G-Sync compatibility: For smooth gameplay
  • Response Time: Mini. 3 ms, Recommended 1 ms
  • Type of Panel: IPS Panel 

RX 7900 XT Vs RTX 4080 

Recently, AMD launched RX 7900 XT to compete with RTX 4080, a Nvidia graphics card. Let’s compare their specs!

  • Vendor: AMD Vs Nvidia  
  • VRAM: 20 GB Vs 16 GB
  • Type: GDDR6 Vs GDDR6X 
  • CUDA Cores/Stream processors: 5376 Vs 9728 
  • Memory Bus Width: 320 bit Vs 256 bit 
  • Memory Bandwidth: 800 GB/s Vs 735 GB/s
  • Base Clock: 1500 MHz Vs 2205 MHz 
  • Boost Clock: 2400 MHz Vs 2505 MHz 
  • Power Draw: 315 Watts Vs 320 Watts
  • Release Date: December 2022 Vs November 2022
  • Price: 899 dollars Vs 1199 dollars 

1- ASUS TUF Gaming VG289Q1A HDR Monitor

ASUS TUF Gaming VG289Q1A HDR Monitor

If you want detailed and crispy graphics, ASUS TUF VG289Q1A is here to serve you the way you want. Comes with a size of 28 inches that is a moderate size for gaming and productivity for a large viewing angle. Designed with IPS DCI-P3 that gives you better color contrast and accuracy. The supported resolution is 3840 x 2160 which means you are gonna enjoy high quality graphics in 4K.  

To provide you a high dynamic range of brightness level and colors it is compatible with HDR10. Expertly designed with such a feature set that gives it capabilities gives it next level as compared to the ordinary monitors. Choppy frame rate can destroy your gaming, to avoid stuttering it supports FreeSync technology. Having this monitor you can experience lag free, blur free and tera free visuals. 

With the support of Shadow Boost you can clearly see the darkest areas of your game. Brightens scenes even the darkest, but without over exposing such areas. Its rich connectivity options make it more attractive for the gamers, it has 2 x HDMI v2.0 and 1 x DisplayPort. By the help of these connectivity ports you can attach your monitor with XBox or PS. 

Constructed with the support of both Adaptive Sync and G-sync, which means you can buy it for your AMD or Nvidia GPU. The compatible graphics cards from Nvidia are the GTX 10, 16 and RTX 20 series and from AMD you can choose it for the latest series. Ultra low blue light technology decreases the harmful blue light to give protection to your eyes. Its ergonomic design allows you to find out your most ideal viewing position so you can use it for hours and hours comfortably. 


ASUS VG289Q1A and Samsung Odyssey G70A are 2 28 inch monitors but from different brands. Specifications are a bit similar, we saw a difference in refresh rate, VG289Q1A comes with 60 Hz refresh rate and G70A offers 144 Hz. However, there is a difference in price, you can buy VG289Q1A at half the price of G70A. 


  • Solid monitor 
  • High resolution 
  • High build quality 
  • Multi HDR Mode


  • Sometimes feel stutters at higher settings

2- AOC C32G2 Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor

AOC C32G2 Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor

Introducing AOC C32G2 that is a classy monitor that has capabilities to bring incredible experience in your life. Having amazing specifications it converts your PC into a sleek battle machine, now you can enjoy your gameplay in a crispy view. This is an ideal display screen for those who want to get uncompromising image quality and speed. The refresh rate of 165 Hz brings fluidity and smoothness in your favorite game. 

Its response time is 1 ms that eliminates tearing and offers virtually instantaneous response when you click with your gaming keyboard and mouse. Comes with 1500R Super Curved design that gives you a crazy immersive experience and doubles the joy of your gaming. Constructed with 3 sided frameless design and IPS panel that provides a sleek design to your screen. When you see from all virtually angles you get a view of brilliant and uniform colors. 

For the users who use their PCs for longer duration, it is very friendly for them due to the ergonomic stand. With the included stand you can adjust the height of the screen to your most comfortable angle and get an optimal view. This display screen is VESA compatible and gives you the flexibility to change mounting style according to your choice. Additionally, AOC also included low input lag mode that gives you lag free content and which is an edge for you against your opponents. 

Try out this monitor and make your computer system at the center of attraction while having an immersive gaming experience. Compatibility of AMD FreeSync Premium gives you the smoothest graphics in competitive gameplay. This screen enables you to enjoy millions of bright and brilliant colors with more than 123% sRGB color gamut. AOC C32G2 creates lifelike and vivid colors by having 80,000,000:1 SmartContrast ratio including black and bright colors. 


We have C32G2 and Q32V3S from AOC, both are 32 inch screens. You find the aspect ratio and wall mounting same in both monitors but a difference in refresh rate. AOC C32G2 is 40 dollars more expensive than Q32V3S, you can go according to your budget. 


  • 1500R curved display
  • 165Hz refresh rate
  • Adjustable
  • AMD FreeSync
  • Low price tag


  • Weak viewing angle
  • Low resolution

3- BenQ EL2870U 4K UHD Gaming Monitor

BenQ EL2870U 4K UHD Gaming Monitor

If you are finding a monitor that gives you beautiful graphics with realism then your struggle ends at BenQ EL2870U. An immersive gaming through sound and sight is packed in the screen. BenQ EL2870U comes with an exclusive Opt clarity that improves the brightness, color temperature and contrast of the images. In the result you are ready to enjoy the ultra fine details of your games and also the maintained temperature of colors promotes comfort for your eyes. 

Baked with high frame rate and crystal clear resolution that gives you vibrant and realistic graphics. This screen comes with HDR and brightness intelligence plus technology that gives soft but bright colors while keeping dark details crystal clear. Plus, this technology gives you 4 levels that let you create the balance of your contrast and vibrancy of the graphics according to your choice. Increased pixel density enhances the quality of even low and standard definition content.  

Level up your gameplay with a 28 Inch screen and 4K resolution. Features Freesync Premium that let you catch even the small details and has tear free experience. To reduce eye fatigue it has exclusive eye care technology for optimal experience for the extended time. You have performance of your choice for work and play in stunning image quality while protecting your vision. 

Furthermore, you get built-in speakers that give you a premium quality of sound. If the image is distorted or flashes after the proper connection then you have to read instructions and follow them. The response time is 1 ms, you have gaming without blurring or stuttering. With a refresh rate of 60 Hz you can have flawless gaming even while a fast moving action. 


There are 2 28 inch screens, one is BenQ EL2870U and other is SAMSUNG U28R550UQNX.  BenQ EL2870U is better because of less response time and built speaker over samsung. However you can go for U28R550UQNX for 1 more HDMI port, better viewing angle and 8% less price as compared to the EL2870U. 


  • UHD resolution 
  • Low input lag 
  • Modest price 
  • Fast pixel response 


  • Mediocre color performance 
  • Less ports 

4- SAMSUNG Odyssey G55A QHD 165Hz Gaming Monitor

SAMSUNG 32 Odyssey G55A QHD 165Hz Gaming Monitor

When it comes to gameplay, even a nanosecond matters, get Odyssey G55A and make a difference in a winning or losing game. Baked with such capabilities that never leave you alone in the battlefield. Comes with HDR10 that gives you details of deep black and white areas. The 1.7x pixel density is there to offer you Full HD, pin-sharp and lifelike images. 

Samsung constructs its display screens with a futuristic design that gives an attractive appearance in any desktop desk. Stunning WQHD provides you a fuller view with more space for gaming or day to day work. Get this display screen and get ready yourself to conquer your enemies in every gaming session. Offers a refresh rate of 165 Hz that emits lagging or blurring, in a result your softener graphics are at your door. 

With this high refresh rate you can cope up with the most exhilarating and quick graphics. With a response time of 1 ms you can make your screen performance swift. The super fast response time enables precise office mouse movement so you can jump over your enemy as soon as you see the location where they are. For the effortless smooth gameplay it comes with AMD FreeSync Premium. Additionally, it features adaptive sync technology that emits the screen stuttering, tearing and input latency. 

Every scene of your favorite game flows seamlessly due to the low frame rate compensation. You can achieve your required quality of graphics by trying out this screen. Not only it is compatible with your 7900 XT but also it maintains the accuracy and vibrancy of colors. This screen is connectivity rich as you get both HDMI and DisplayPort ports for making connections with other devices. 


For the comparison we get Samsung G55A and Dell S3222HG, the screen size of both monitors is 32 inch. Both are designed with very similar specs even though the price and refresh rate are the same. However, Samsung G55A comes with wall mounting and Dell S3222HG you have to set on your PC desk.  


  • Supports FreeSync 
  • Low input lag
  • Offers premium contrast


  • Low peak brightness

5- Sceptre Curved Gaming Monitor

Sceptre Curved Gaming Monitor

To elevate your performance you must need a compatible monitor with 7900 XT. When it comes to high performance then you can trust Sceptre C305B-200UN1 and unleash your favorite graphics. This gaming screen gives you capabilities that enable you to play with confidence and clarity. Sceptre expertly engineered this monitor especially for the delivery of fluid gaming experience. 

Comes with built-in speakers, you do not need to occupy extra space on the desk for speakers. Having these built-in speakers gives you a robust and smooth sound quality while saving space on your PC desk.  The premium audio quality is perfectly suitable with gaming and work settings. Designed with multiple digital ports, HDMI and DisplayPort for the output of graphics.  

The DisplayPort of the monitor offers you up to 200 Hz refresh rate for incredible agility and visibility. On other hand the HDMI port also gives you an impressive experience at 1800 Hz refresh rate. C305B-200UN1 has 1 ms Response Time that eliminates ghosting and piercing so you have more precise gaming action. Features blue light shift that gives you protection against discomfort and lets you work for an extended period of time. 

With this technology you can work, watch or play your favorite game without restless eyes. Anti flicker allows you to have crisper picture quality by preventing the backlight of the monitor from flickering. VESA all mounting types let you set it on the wall and save an ample space on the desk plus gives your great visibility. To find out your most comfortable viewing angle you can tilt it as per your requirements. 


We are going to compare the Sceptre C305B-200UN1 with the Samsung Odyssey G7. There is a difference of 2 inches in screen size, G7 comes in 32 inches and also it is better over Sceptre due to the higher screen resolution, better pixels, less response time and higher refresh rate. However, you can pick Sceptre over G7 if you have less budget as it is 51% cheaper and has 2 more HDMI ports than G7. 


  • High refresh rate
  • Low response time
  • Relatively comes in less price 
  • LED backlighting


  • No G-Sync support 

6- MSI MPG ARTYMIS 273CQR Gaming Monitor

MSI MPG ARTYMIS 273CQR Gaming Monitor

If you are a curved screen fan then MSI MPG ARTYMIS 273CQR will suit you the best. Because it comes with a 1000R which means its curvature perfectly fits for the human eyes. Having this screen you are able to enjoy your entire screen without facing fatigue. Its screen size is 27 inches which is enough for gaming and productivity tasks. 

Packed in a supreme feature set and gives your gaming experience a rapid boost. Comes with a blazing fast 165 Hz refresh rate allowing you to have smooth graphics quality. A response time of 1 ms this screen provides you the upper hand while fast moving actions. If your game has dark graphics, do not worry the night vision of MPG ARTYMIS 273CQR will save you. 

This feature will give you the capability to see every single detail in the dark so you can find your enemy easily. Supports AMD FreeSync technology, fluid free, tear free and stutter free graphics at your door. Features less blue light and Anti Flicker gives a protection to your eyes for strain when you use your PC for longer. This will be a perfect purchase to pair it up with your 7900 XT, you are ready to enjoy the full potential of your chosen GPU. 

The display resolution is 2560 x 1440 that is good to provide you clearer images, sharper edges and less blurring. Having 1 x DisplayPort, HDMI and USB C type you get rich connectivity and let you attach your monitor with a computer or other supported devices. Designed with a VA panel and justifies any game that you throw at it. You can tilt and swivel easily to adjust its height and set it at your most comfortable position. 


The 2 monitors from MSI, ARTYMIS 273CQR and Optix MAG272CRX are comparable. Optix MAG272CRX is 24% cheaper and has a higher refresh rate than 273CQR. MSI MPG ARTYMIS 273CQR is preferable over Optix MAG272CRX because it has high resolution, better pixel density and more brightness.


  • High performance 
  • Free Sync Premium 
  • Height adjustable 
  • VA Panel 


  • Expensive 
  • Screen is a bit dark 

Best Monitor For RX 7900 XT Buying Guide

The selection of the Best Monitor For RX 7900 XT is not like walking in the park. Because you can not achieve the full potential of your graphics card until you pair it with a compatible monitor. From all above mentioned monitors, our overall best product is ASUS TUF Gaming VG289Q1A. For a worthy purchase you should follow some factors that are below mentioned, have a look!


When it comes to the appearance of your display screen, you have to decide the size of your future monitor. You should buy a screen that is large enough to provide an appropriate view of graphics. Monitors come in various sizes, you can find the smallest and largest as well, but the recommended size is 27 to 32 inches. We have included screens that fall in this range you can pick any of them which matches your needs. 

Refresh Rate

After the size of the screen you should focus on the quality of the graphics that are gonna offer by your chosen monitor. For the smoother and crisp visuals you should pay attention towards the refresh rate of the display screen. For chosen 7900 XT if you want 2k resolution the 240 Hz requires, for 4k up to 165 Hz enough. You can pick ASUS TUF Gaming VG289Q1A, it delivers 4k resolution at 60 Hz.   


If you do not want to regret your selection then you should also consider the resolution of your monitor. You have a newer GPU that is why you also need a 4K supported display screen to get the full graphics potential of your video card. In our list you have monitors with different supported resolutions, you can make your decision as per your choice. We recommend you ASUS TUF Gaming VG289Q1A it will deliver you 4k resolution. 

Color Performance 

After refresh rate and resolution also look at the color performance of your monitor. Most display screens come with Delta E, sRGB and DCI-P3 coverage for the color performance. For the most vibrancy and accuracy in color sRGB or DCI-P3 deliver incredible performance. TUF VG289Q1A features DCI-P3 and offers a wide range of colors and better contrast performance. 


No matter how high end your display screen is, you can not get out of it until you connect it with your computer. For the attachment of your screen with computer or other portable devices look for the connectivity options that are offered by your monitor. Our shortlisted products have DisplayPort and HDMI ports, some of them also have a USB Type C port as well. TUF VG289Q1A is designed with extensive connectivity ports, it has 2 x HDMI v2.0 and 1 x DisplayPort.    


Which Is A HD Monitor?

Simply a display screen known as HD monitor that comes with 1080p image resolution. 

What Are The Types Of Monitors?

There are several kinds of monitors such as; Cathode Ray Tube, flat panel, touch screen, LED, OLED, DLP, TFT and plasma screens. 

Which Resolution Is The Best?

The best resolution is 4K and preferred by the pro gamers but 2K is also not a bad option. 

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