Is World of Tanks Cross-Platform (PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC)

The ultimate pop culture offers a video or computer game under the category of vehicular combat games that includes only cars or other vehicles alike. Instead of characters loaded with weapons, these vehicles are equipped with machine guns and other artillery. Their sole purpose is to destroy other vehicles controlled by the system or opposite players. This genre of game has its own strengths, skills and special attack techniques building a player’s strategy.

Their goal is to complete such missions and unlock new and latest vehicles from the inventory. By focusing on the fast paced action that is usually seen in these games, the in-game tasks are completed over a course of time. It is not new to the generation of players present on steam and other websites as well as systems. But the problem arises when they cannot play with each other despite the difference in the system.

If you are also wondering whether there is an option for playing this game with your peers, we have all the answers for your queries. This blog has multiple platform suggestions, solutions and much more for you to find out whatever confusions you have. Before jumping into anything critical, let us get an overview of what this game is and how it works.

World Of Tanks:

We know that the ever rising question of the world of tanks cross platform ps4 pc is tickling your brain. Therefore, we must know the kind of game, themes and action that is included in it. Although it has a simple play pattern of defeating a number of skilled enemies, the battlefields start to become complex, level after level.

A multiplayer online game that has combat on vehicles and a free to play setting that will also let participants use the premium features after paying some dues. Get your focus on the player vs. player battle where each user has to control their vehicle. The setting offers pre world war 2 and the cold war era. The game was initially ported to several platforms and consoles offering:

  • PlayStation 4
  • PS 5
  • Xbox Series X
  • Xbox Series S
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One 

The gameplay is quite simple with easy controls of a single armored tank present in different varieties. Having a battle on a random map makes things even more exciting because there is no way you can cheat on that. It is all about the skill where the players can also communicate via voice chat or typed message with other players. One can choose from 6 primary battles such as:

  • Random Battles
  • Team training
  • Tank company
  • Team battle
  • Stronghold battle
  • Special battle

Joining a Platoon where a group of 2 or 3 people are put in a team will compete against the other teams in different game modes for various amounts of rewards. You get to play against 15 versus 15 in a random match and some bots to fill in the void. Another warfare consists of clan competition where the players have to follow the lead of its clan’s commander. One of its newer versions came under the names of:

  • World Of Tanks Blitz that is an expanded version of mobile platforms
  • World Of Tanks Rush becoming a board game
  • World Of Tanks: Generals, a card collectible game

Its vehicles consists of:

  • Light tanks
  • Medium tanks
  • Heavy tanks
  • Tank destroyers
  • Self propelled artillery

Where these vehicles can be customized visually and in terms of performance as well. You can add custom designs and things like tracks, guns, turrets, engines, camouflage tones etc. After earning in-game credits, you can use premium features like tank skins and other weapons to bring customization to another level. Another groundbreaking opportunity is to add your country’s flags, pre designed slogans and camouflage skin to let your tank remain undetected and unique in its own way.


This game was developed by Wargaming West studios and as the name suggests, they know what they were creating. The first concept was conceived in December 2008 but it became official on 24 April 2009 by wargaming. Their team of developers also claim that this game has the largest budget ever in the gaming industry.

The upgraded version of war of tanks valor has now become Modern Armor in the name as well as some of the gameplay battle types. Historical and rampage were also part of battle types but due to poor reception, they have been removed.

Its English version was launched on 27 January 2011 after testing the initial Russian version back in 2009. There were several hundred of beta tests which started from 40,000 to 400,000 tank battles in 3 months of testing.

So after getting over hurdles like technical difficulties, the game was further made online on 12 April 2011 in Europe and North America. For in depth details, you can also check out  War of Tanks’ wikipedia’s information about the promotion and history of this game!

War Of Tanks Blitz:

This is an unplanned sequel of the previous version called Modern Armour that is made with slightly better graphics. When there is a positive point about this game, some users also complain about some missing features too. The matchmakers and servers have definitely improved whereas the battle can be engaging almost instantly. Becoming a massively multiplayer game online, this one is compatible with mobile platforms as well.

Although console players cannot benefit from this version currently, but it is available for the following platforms like:

You can download the game from here as the official website for the game without any hoax.

World Of Tanks Console And Cross Generation:

Since the beginning of this modern war, the fans are always asking, is the world of tanks modern armor cross platform? This battle simulator is known for its fast paced action and dynamic mechanics for the 20th century tactics of war. Once you join the freemium model, you can never get yourself out. And since the 10 years of its release, there have been upgrades regarding the features of the game such as cross platform compatibility.

But it is not as simple as it may look because some platforms cannot support it fully without tweaking with the settings. It is now available for Xbox One, 360, gaming PC and PS4 and only consoles can play together. This means that no matter what type of console your teammates have, you can all conquer the world within a night through your increible skills. Making it a cross generation supporter, one player can transfer his progress with your Xbox live ID on the same console with different generations via the same ID.

Unfortunately, this method is not possible if you want to transfer your game cache from Xbox One to PS4 or PC. Since these do not come under the category of the same generation of consoles, that can be a bummer!

Cross Platform Support:

Since the recent update of the game in the version 5.0, developers have decided to give cross platform a go. This ultimately means that you can play between PS4 and Xbox One whereas the console players can engage in armored combat. On the other hand, the PC version of World of Tanks does not support cross platform features.

With the thought of: is world of tanks cross platform mobile, you have to consider playing it on a certain and compact arcade. Such as the PC player cannot play with other online multiplayer matches nor with Xbox and PS4 players. Some users have a lot of complaints regarding this change but the developer has to think about the balance of the gameplay.

The war should be won on an equal basis with not much difference in the power force. Moreover, if we consider the history of the game, it was made cross play between consoles of Xbox One and 360. So the PC gets out of proportion when it comes to the support it gets from cross platform gameplay.

Advantages of Cross Platform Functionality:

World of tanks cross platform 2022 is a great move for the year that allows players to create multi platform troops. You get to reach out to more people within a community of the same or different arcades with this type of support. Unity 3D has also recognized this game as the top developer for cross platform making it an innovation for others too. Several benefits will surround you due to this functionality which offers:

  • The thriving competitive community without boundaries allows you to explore more based on the device you are playing.
  • Even on multiple platforms, the matching becomes better and you will play among the people with almost the same skill set as you. This way you, no one will complain about playing against the pros when they were just mid level players.
  • You can also get accurate payer statistics on the account of your performance purely.
  • The chat support feature will make communicating with your teammates more precise and easy. So all users no matter their platform can form up on their teammates and make history happen.

Cross Platform support On PS4 And PS5:

To further extend the quest of world of tanks cross platform pc ps5, yes you can play it between both playstations like PS4 and PS5. You can match together and can participate in a game without any issues since consoles have also evolved so much after the years. There was a time when many people thought nothing can beat the PC performance. Now these latest consoles can give you some of the best performance of your lifetime in certain games.

On Xbox One And PC:

Anyone who is still wondering how to play world of tanks console on pc, thankfully this is now resolved too. The cross platform feature between Xbox One and PC is now possible which means you guys can also match together. And we know a good teammate is better than a great weapon! There should not be any issue once you enable this feature into your systems in the settings of the game or by default.

On PC And Nintendo Switch:

Although the Nintendo Switch is a very compact gaming system, it has its own advantages and advancements. There is a cross platform possible between this console and PC too so that no one feels left out. Such integration offers more players to engage in healthy competition and experience an overall better game than they are expecting.

On PS4 And PC:

Additionally, PS4 and PC will also keep you entertained for hours when it comes to cross platform support. This addition brings more area to cover and better skills to be developed in order to defeat the players from several platforms. There is no doubt that you will have to train your clan more and polish your skills whenever you play this game.

On Xbox One And PS4:

A user can also match with his friend who has an Xbox One with PS4 to play together due to the cross platform feature. Gamers are getting a lot of freedom to experiment with other players as well as more revenue will be brought to the industry. The reason is simple since cross platform allows everyone to play together, more people will be willing to buy the game in premium modes too.

Crossplay Support:

To be able to play with your friends on different consoles works by giving access to a specific ID by your friend. Your friends will also have a similar ID that will be used to let them add you into their Platoon. In case someone is not serious about the war that is coming your way, a player also can manage his team or bock users if necessary. Afterall, desperate times need desperate measures!

Report the team member if you catch them cheating and violating the policies of the game. Another mind blowing feature is to add profanity filters to your current network which also works for usernames too! Now if any of your teammates are using profane username, they will be an outcast for others.

Enable Cross-Play On Xbox Live:

For those of you who are not familiar with enabling the cross play option on Xbox Live but want to try it after reading about this game through our website, we are at your service! Firstly you need to connect your Xbox One and press the Home button on your controller. After that scroll to the right to navigate the icon titled “system”. Follow through account > privacy and Online safety > Xbox Live privacy.

There will be live privacy settings shown on the screen and you have to select “view details and customize”. Proceeding to the next and final step, the user has to choose “communication and multiplayer”. Another option can be seen on the screen saying” you can play with people outside Xbox Live” which you will have to select and press on “Allow”. Viola! You get the default setting on the allow button so that you do not have to repeat this whole procedure again.

Enabling Crossplay On PS4:

We know there has been much hype about the PS4 console since the day it came out. You definitely do not want to miss the opportunity to play War Of Tanks so start your console and launch the game. Do not panic as we are here to guide you every step of the way so that you can enable the crossplay option on this system as well. Move to the in-game garage and press “start”.

Choose the “options” slab from the menu present on the screen and search for the “game” tab. Check the box that says “Crossplay” and it will be enabled on your PS4 to never let the fun stop. Now you can play against the users of Xbox Live too which in terms, also make it cross platform in a way.

In Conclusion:

Most of the gamers do not want to be bound in a box and their freedom is worth everything where they can experience and grow their horizons. If you are one of them, World of Tanks is made for you and is a great option for cross play and platforms. This is a warfare where everyone can participate in their own worlds and can take part in the action. By following the links, download the game now and we will not judge you on whatever system you are playing on.

We can expect more games to be made that support cross platform so that all the community can take part in the eternal destruction of our enemies. Such features allow you to become an active member regardless of your system and its restrictions within a game.


What is the difference between cross gen and cross-save?

The former terminology means a game that can be played across the older and newer generation of consoles. Whereas the latter term means the data of the game that is saved and can be moved from one platform to another even on cloud.

Is World of tanks cross save?

Yes, war of tanks have the ability to serve you cross save referring to play and transfer the game on different platforms from where you left the last time. This term is almost similar to cross progression too.

Is World of Tanks cross progression?

Thankfully, yes, this game is cross progression active which means that it can allow you to move your data from one place to another under the same ID.

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